First Christian Church

610 E. Beltline Rd.   DeSoto, Texas 75115

Pastor: Annette Meehan   Phone: 469-585-1252

Our Mission

First Christian Church of DeSoto seeks to fulfill its mission before God by meeting the following three goals:

  • Develop a better understanding of our relationship with God by centering our lives around God through worship and Christian education.
  • Increase our commitment to outreach in our communities by tithing a portion of our total giving to outreach and opening our facilities to outside organizations and involvement in our community.
  • Cultivate true communion within our church family through contact with our homebound members and through Elder Care of our flocks.

Weekly Services

Summer schedule

Come casual if you like!

Worship Service: 10:00 AM

Sunday School: 9:30 AM

News for the Pews


A cat and a dog were sitting just inside the sanctuary waiting to be shooed out before people began arriving for service. They began chatting to pass the time. 

“I don’t know what they would do without me,” said the cat. “They simply cannot worship with the distraction of mice skittering around.”

“I’m much more important,” said the dog. “How would they ever worship if anyone stole their communion set or their beautiful candle holders?”

“I think you guys are pretty important to worship but not as important as me,” said a fly who buzzed on over to join the conversation. “You see I keep them awake during the service with a little nip here or buzz there.”

All three chapel workers laughed.

Then the dog said, “Gee, I wonder why the humans need so much to worship?”

The three friends sat in the doorway of the sanctuary and watched the 'Son' rise giving God thanks for the simple pleasure of being warmed in God's light.

In the Christian Church Disciples of Christ all are welcome at the Lord’s Table. Please come join us for this special service that includes breads from various places around the world.  

Calendar at a Glance

Monday Morning Bible Study

10:00 am

Parables and Miracles

Village Market 


September 15th


September 8th

(weather permitting)


For more information call: 469-585-1252


Spirituality Health Haven


Special Valentines Class 

Saturday, February 10th  

   1st Christian Church  

      610 E. Beltline, Desoto,  Texas

Breakfast: 9:30

Session: 10:00-11:30

  NO charge…………..Donations appreciated

RSVP: 469-585-1252


A Message From a Parishioner

At one point in my life, I was disenchanted with “church.” I was brought up in a strict Catholic environment and was puzzled about the dichotomy regarding the teachings of Christ, the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of the Church.  I actually, for a while, stopped believing in church-but never doubted God and His love for us. I had outgrown the need for just ritual, but still thirsted for knowledge. I went to “non-denominational” Bible studies, only to find they were, indeed, denominational. I was actually asked not to come back to one of them because they discovered my Catholic background and I refused to become a member of their church. I wandered and studied on my own, but there was so much I didn’t understand, there was so much I couldn’t understand by studying on my own. 

You see, I always believed God’s love is pure. He couldn’t love me more than He would love any other of His creations. That’s not to say He wouldn’t be disappointed in decisions I’d made, but His love (for us all) would never falter. He didn’t make us “owners” of this world and all its creations; He made us stewards, caregivers. We are to care for His world and tend to it and each other…not minding if we refer to Him as Allah, Yahweh, Jesus or whatever name-because there is, after all,  only one God.

I have finally found a church where learning and discipleship are the main teachings.  Our pastor, Annette, is a teacher and her lessons are not just shouted from the pulpit, but practiced in everyday life. She offers seminars on spiritual growth, communicating with others, understanding symbols and rituals, and even Kabala. I have seen other pastors and ministers attend these seminars and learn from this remarkable teacher, then leave eager for more. Her Sunday messages have depth, humor and a style to them that beckons you to listen and learn the words of God, the culture of the times, symbolism and even their sense of humor…yes, the Bible is full of humorous anecdotes. She has never preached that we are sinners; she preaches instead on changing your focus to personal and spiritual growth, making yourself right with God and whole.

Our congregation is small, but powerful. We help support the Tri-City Animal Shelter; De Soto’s Food Bank, we put on Dinner Theaters where a meal is served between acts of a live stage production, twice a year (for two weekends each) we invite the public onto our acreage for Market Days where they vend their own merchandise. The Market Days have been going on for over six years, we consider the venders our “other” congregation because so many of them return every time we offer it.
Please, come visit one Sunday morning, share fellowship with us and see for yourself what a wonderful teacher our pastor is. Come and enjoy our Dinner Theater which is strewn with humor and mediocre acting…just don’t forget to tip the wait staff. Come to our Market Days and see firsthand how a community can work together in a brotherhood for a common goal.
My name is Paul; I’ll see you there, okay?


A Special THANKS!

Thanks to Jacob Mahaley and Boy Scout Troop 493 for building our new outdoor alter and worship area!

Jacob worked closely with Reverend Annette Meehan to plan and design the area not only for the church but also for his Eagle Project. The area has already seen use for the special Sunrise Service and will be invaluable for next year's Blessing of the Animals.

Thanks again, Jacob and Troop 493 for all your hard work!